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well intervention and data acquisition software

Tubing Analysis System (TAS)

TAS is a computer program designed to perform various calculations and simulations often needed in tubular applications. TAS is used as aCoiled Tubing Job Simulator, designing velocity strings, drill pipe applications, under-balanced drilling, coiled tubing drilling, cementing, and wireline simulations.

Fatigue Analysis for Coiled Tubing (FACT)

FACT is a management tool that can be used to maximize the safe use of coiled tubing strings. The Fatigue Analysis tracks the life consumption of individual coiled tubing strings and parts of the strings subject to jobs carried out in wells or in the yard and shows life consumption per job.

Data Acquisition in Real Time (DART)

DART is a flexible data acquisition software capable of logging data from any hardware through a serial port, Ethernet TCP/IP, or OPC Server. DART can be used for any application where real-time data acquisition is required.

Medco's Quick Computations (Mobile Apps)

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Coiled Tubing Inspection

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