Emergency Pump Stop System (EPSS)

Emergency Pump Stop System (EPSS)

EPSS is a combined alarm and control system used to alert pump operators and to control the pump in case of imminent danger, thus preventing accidents. 

The system consists of a control module with two alarm outputs. Each alarm output connects to a solenoid valve, which closes the air flow to the pump throttle. Additionally, the output will trigger an audible buzzer and a visual beacon to alert the operator.

For electrically operated pump throttle, the alarms will cut off the electrical current to the throttle, no solenoids are required.

The EPSS can be used on dual-pump units and is compatible with MEDCO’s REAM HMI data acquisition system.

The REAM HMI allows the user to enter operational limits on pump pressure. The user is also able to choose which alarm will be activated when an operational limit is reached.

Operating Voltage
1 vdc
Maximum Power Requirement
1 watts
Operating Temperature Range
-25 C

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