REAM HMI Pumping Cementing

Real-time Electronic Acquisition & Monitoring with Human Machine Interface

MEDCO’s REAM HMI system is a user‐friendly data acquisition system that reads data from electronic
sensors and displays the data on a TFT touch screen, which acts as both an input and an output
device. The system records the data on solid state SD memory card as well as USB and allows remote
monitoring of the data.

Available in several designs to suit individual needs ranging from portable Flight Case, Stainless Steel Enclosure to an optional Ex Certified system.   

The system is made of two main parts, REAM is a microprocessor-based data acquisition board, which collects data from electronic sensors, digitizes the readings, and supplies the appropriate power to the sensors. The HMI communicates with the REAM board to retrieve, display, and store the data.

REAM has analogue, counters (frequency), and quadrature channels. The analogue channels accept signals from sensors with 0‐5 VDC, 0‐10 Vdc, or 4‐20 mA output. The frequency channels accept pulse signals produced by proximity switches, magnetic pickups, or quadrature signals. The quadrature signals are up/down counters, used for such measurements as a depth.

In addition to the REAM board, the HMI can communicate with many other devices such NuFlo MC‐III Flow Analyser, and control devices such as Medco’s Emergency Warning & Stop Module (EWSM). 

The outputs are available on Web pages, they can be viewed remotely on a Local Area Network (LAN) or even a Wide Area Network (WAN), provided that proper Internet connections are available. There are many other features in the HMI that can be tailored to the client’s request.

Flight Case ll Specs


10‐36 vdc, max. of 36 Watts. Supplied with AC/DC converter 95 to 260 VAC


‐20 to 60 deg C.


Circulation Pressure, Wellhead Pressure, Fluid/ N2 Rate, Fluid/ N2 Total.

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