Emergency Warning & Stop Module (EWSM)

Emergency Warning & Stop Module (EWSM)

EWSM is a combined alarm and control system used to alert coiled tubing operators and to control the injector in case of imminent danger, thus preventing accidents.

HMI Hardware

The module is built in the MEDCO Realtime Electronic Acquisition & Monitoring (REAM). With one alarm output a solenoid valve is activated diverting fluids to a dump tank, this action will automatically stop the injector motors and apply the brakes. While the second alarm output will trigger an audible buzzer and a visual beacon to alert the operator. The second alarm output (buzzer and beacon) will also be active while the first alarm output is active.

The REAM HMI allows the user to enter operational limits for any of the measured parameters such as Weight, Rate of Change of Weight, Depth, Speed, etc. The user is also able to choose which alarm will be activated when an operational limit is reached.

Emergency Warning & Stop Module


Maximum power requirement: 40 watts


Operating temperature range: -20 to 65 oC

Max Pressure

Solenoid valve max. pressure 420 bar (6,100 psi)

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