Tubing Ovality Monitor (TOM)

Tubing Ovality Monitor (TOM)

TOM is a fast and accurate laser diameter-measuring tool. 

  • Standard diameter range from 1” to 2”. 

  • By replacing the rollers, pipe diameters can be as small as 0.01” and as large as 2”. 

  • Very high scan rate (measuring frequency).

  • Highly precise measurements.

  • Resolution 0.1 µm (0.000005”). 

  • Transmits data in ASCII format over a serial link (RS232).

    Requires a data acquisition system such as REAM HMI for reading and recording data. 

  • High dirt and dust tolerance.

Inside Enclosure

Complete Assembly


  • Dimensions:     450 x 430 x 105 mm
  • Weight:     25 Kgs
  • Power supply:     90 to 265 VAC   
  • Power consumption:   20 VA
  • Power supply     12 VDC     
  • Maximum current   15 A
  • 20m cables bundle (3 cables) supplied as standard for AC power, DC power, RS232   communication.

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