Electronic Gauge

The Medco Gauge is the perfect balance between digital and analogue capturing. With a digital display for precise measurements and an analogue dial for intuitive readability, you can find the perfect fit for any situation. It’s a great tool for measuring weight, pressure, flow, or temperature. Ideal for use in a wide range of industries including oil & gas. Available in different sizes, ranging from 6-inch to 10-inch display. All sizes can provide the same features and have been designed with the customer in mind. It’s a compact, cost-effective solution that can be used for a wide variety of indusial applications.

User Input

The user should be able to do the following:

  • Selecting the digital data display format i.e. integer, float with number of digits after the dot.
  • The type of the sensor i.e. 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA (DIP switch selection). • The full scale of the dial i.e. home point and the full point.
  • The calibration data, gain and the offset of the signal. This could be two-point or multi-point calibration (Max 10 points)
  • Lower and/or upper limit alarm. • Select the units that match the dial units. • Fine Zero Adjustment or resetting.